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The renewable dehumidifiers works physically, allowing you to live a greener, and more energy-efficient life. This mini dehumidifier is spill and mess free and it may be renewable up to 300 times, which is comparable to 75 dehumidification boxes.


The small dehumidifier is surrounded by dense holes that enhance the moisture absorption area, resulting in a 2x better effectiveness than a traditional dehumidification box.


A dual-color gradient (orange - green) creates a progressive transition, indicating a clear dehumidification state. The super dry dehumidifier takes two (2) hours for the heat recovery process to complete one cycle.


This portable air dehumidifier is compact yet powerful, which easily fits into small spaces. It is ideal to fight pesky humidity! Gun safes, closets, cabinets, safe deposit boxes, cars SLR camera bag and other places of less than 55 square feet.

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Some Features that Made Us Unique

Moisture Absorber Helper

Vellgoo wireless dehumidifier portable helps eliminate moisture in the air that leads to the growth of harmful mold and airborne allergens.

Toxicless, Odorless and Non-corrosive

Vellgoo dehumidifier cordless absorb moisture using very thirsty silica gel beads. Once the unit is full, simply with the heating base to “renew”. It is child and pet safe, non-toxic & requires no refills.

Easy to Use

The car dehumidifier requires no batteries or cords, and is spill in mess free —making it the perfect solution for less than 55 sq. ft space.

Your family’s health is top priority

Our cordless dehumidifier for bathroom combats threatening moisture that may build up and cause mildew in unseen places as well as lingering odors.

Upgraded Split Design & Smart Chip

The rechargeable gun safe dehumidifier automatically shuts off after 2 hours to prevent overheating.

Great Support

We know that customer orders are the real beginning of service, so we can provide 24/7 customer support.

X1 Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rechargeable
(2 packs)

49.99 USD
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DryBox 200 Mini Dehumidifier for Home

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DryBox 2000 Dehumidifiers for Home

89.99 USD
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DryTank 3000 Energy Star Dehumidifier for Home

269.99 USD
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Cody Hines

Effective, small, sleek designed dehumidifier. I purchased for my utility room in my basement and noticed a difference in the smell and the room itself doesn’t feel as moist or humid. It comes with a drying base making it easy to use as you don’t have to dump a water tray. Plugit in to dry and It has an automatic shut off.

Chad Herrera

This beautiful compact dehumidifier arrived 5 days ago and works very efficiently. I use it in the bathroom and bedroom and it quickly absorbs the surrounding humidity . When the top turns dark, it needs a 2 hour recharge and turns orange again. Very pleased.

Andre Gonzalez

It really makes a big difference. I have a 2bdr town home n horrible allergies. Damp air also nasty when so hot. This is my second one. First one works so good in the living room that I wanted one in my bedroom. I use my air filters year around n with the combo i don't have the need any more for two separate machines.😃

Jon Banks

Easy to recharge. No initial assembly needed. Just took it out of the box and set in on top of the bathroom counter. In 24 hrs, the orange beads turned black and I knew it was time to recharge the device. Two hours in the charger, and the dehumidifier was back in the bathroom, doing it’s job.

Landon Houston

When needed, it charges in less than 3 hours. So nice not to have an extra cord hanging in the bathroom!! Collects moisture fast, too.

Nelle Wade

I like the compact size which doesn’t take up our small bathroom counter space. Quiet, easy to operate & to clean. However my expectation to cool off the bathroom during the hot weather were not met, for I wasn’t aware of its (low) heat production during dehumidification.

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