DryTank Series



Sure, our dehumidifier comes with a drain hose, which you'll find in the Bucket when you receive it.

Please check if the magnet on the float and if the float can be swung freely on the water. The machine will only automatically shut off when the float can be swung freely if the water tank is full.

Don't worry, this simply means that the dehumidifier is in automatic defrost mode; when the defrost is complete, and the dehumidifier will resume normal operation.

Please check and confirm if the bucket is full or not in the right position

You don't need to replace the filter, because this dehumidifier comes with a removable and washable filter. It's easy to clean. It is recommended that you Clean the filter with potable water at least once every 30 days.

Because heat will be generated inside from the compressor when the dehumidifier works, which needs to be brought out to force cooling down of the compressor by funneling the dehumidified air on its heated surface. This will ensure the long-lasting operation of the dehumidifier and avoid breakdown.

DryTank User Manuals

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