X1 Dehumidifier



Yes, it is cordless, when removed from the base and placed in the area/space to be dehumidified. A few days later, when the silica beads turn dark green, just place the dehumidifier body on its heating base and power on it in to dry the all silica beads - this allows it to be renewed for use again.

Because the viewing window is at the top and the heating base is progressively heated upwards from the bottom, the beads of the top viewing window will take some time to turn orange.

Due to the different use environment, It is recommended that you heat our product for roughly 4 hours (2 cycles) for the first time.please be patient. (Note:The rechargeable dehumidifier will automatically shuts off after 2 hours to prevent overheating. The silica beads in the viewing window still does not change back to orange, please pick up the dehumidifier body more than 3 seconds, and put it back on the heating base to restart another cycle.

If the closet dehumidifier is working, the beads will change color. Until it turns completely dark green, you need to place it on the heating base and reuse it again when the beads change to orange.

I believe that your bedroom is too large a space for this relatively small dehumidifier. It works great for Gun Safe; Closets; Kitchen Cabinets; Piano Stands; Bookcases; Safe Deposit Boxes etc.

When the beads turn dark green, just place the dehumidifier body into the heating base and dry it out. Reusable for up to 300+ times.

Not at all. This wireless dehumidifier doesn't need compressor for dehumidification, so it's completely noiseless and won't affect your rest at all. can, built-in silica particles, safe, healthy and non-toxic, you can put it in your pet's small house without worry.

DryBox X1 User Manuals

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